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Indian Cuisine

Tawa Kebab Masala

Chicken Seekh kebabs sautéed in oil and then mixed with gravy with full of homemade Indian spices. See Full recipe and enjoy this delicious dish with your favourite choice of Bread. Ingredients: 400g Chicken Seekh Kebabs Mustard oil 4 tbsp 4 Medium Onions (chopped) 3 …

Indian Cuisine

Veg Shami Kebabs

A delicacy originated in Mughalai cuisine with chicken/mutton originally but this one is made with red kidney beans (Rajma) & Black Chickpea (Chana) Rajma – 300 gms Black Chickpea (Chana) – 200 gms Brown Onions – 3 Green Chilli (chopped) – 1 Turmeric (Haldi) – …