A Delight From Tandoor!

  A Delight from Tandoor!! Fooodies, hope you all having a great time! So, in today’s time there are so many recipes which contain “Tandoori”  in it, say like “Tandoori Momos”, Tandoori Chaap and so on! Tandoori is derived from Tandoor which is a clay pot  oven and the dishes made from that Tandoor have […]

The Royalty of Rajasthan

Hello Foodies!! Once again ITC Fortune Inn Grazia, Noida is back with Royalty and that means they have an amazing Rajasthani Food Fest which brings you flavours of Rajasthan to your palate. Earthen Oven, Fine dining Indian cuisine restaurant have hosted a feast for all food lovers and this time their theme is Rajasthani culture. […]

Let’s Drool Over Kebabs and Qormas!

ITC Fortune Inn Grazia, Noida is celebrating Ramadan in a new way and we cannot keep calm. They are celebrating by “Kebabs & Qormas Food Fest” and I was drooled. I was honoured by Executive Chef Mr L.B. Sharma in their authentic North Indian Restaurant “Earthen Oven” which is fine dining Indian cuisine restaurant.   […]

Paneer Tikka

One of the most served dishes as starters Paneer Tikka is spicy yet tangy at the same time. The chaared flavour brings all the juices onto your palate. One of the signature dishes of Indian Cuisine.   Ingredients Onions (bold diamond) Green Capsicum (diamond cut) Paneer (1/2 Kg) 3 Tbsp ginger-garlic paste 2 tsp turmeric […]

Chicken Changezi

Chicken Changezi An exotic Mughlai dish full of richness originated from Afghan cuisine and modified goes very well with assorted Indian breads. Enjoy the video and subscribe Foodnawaab on Youtube. Chicken- boneless (cut in 10 pieces) Milk 100ml Tomatoes 2 large (grind to a paste) Onions 2 large (Chopped) Double cream 1/4 cup Yogurt 1/4 […]