Launch of Bistro 37

A warm welcome was there from the owner Mr Kartik at the new branch of Bistro37. I was overwhelmed by the hospitality shown by Mr Kartik and the team. The new branch is located at Noida Sector 104. Starting from the ambience the décor is created to have a chill and light mood amongst your […]

Asian Molecular Gastronomy

Hello foodies, hope you’re hogging well. Today in the world of culinary arts, there is a new standard which is booming in restaurants which is “Molecular Gastronomy ”.   You all know the definition but I am going to explore on my personal experience. Gastronomy is an art with use of edible chemicals to create […]

Honey Chilli Cauliflower

Cauliflower tossed in a honey chilli sauce with onions, capsicum with the flavours of Ginger and Garlic to provide an Asian taste in your palate. Ingredients Qty Cauliflower 1 Ginger (chopped) 50gms Garlic (fine chopped) 4cloves Corn flour 100gms Pepper To Taste Salt To Taste Honey 2 Tbsp Paprika 1 Tbsp Eggs (beaten) 2 Capsicum […]

Thai Chilli Paneer

A combination of Indo-Thai dish comprising of Cottage Cheese cooked with bullet chillies and Thai Chilli paste along with the blend of Indian spices to give you the flavour of Indian and as well as Thai spices. Ingredients Qty Oil 2Tbsp Chopped Onion 1 Chopped garlic 1 Clove Bullet Chillies (chopped) 2 Lemongrass (chopped) 2tbsp […]

Crunch Your Brunch

Hello foodies…Hope you all eating well day by day…It’s been long time but never mind, it is a very demanding and interesting culinary experience for which I’m going to talk about and that’s Brunch. Brunch is basically the time period between late breakfast and lunch, so that makes Brunch. In mostly places “Sunday Brunch” is […]


Hello foodies…hope you eating well and loads. Today I’m going to talk about fusion of the cuisines which is booming in the food industry. Basically fusion can be done with any cuisine and also you can also take more than two cuisines. Get your hands on this fusion food and no doubt that your pallet […]