Chocolate Gateau

A rich cake, typically one containing layers of cream, chocolate or fruit. Originally from French Cuisine, try this chocolaty dessert which will blow your mouth. Base 150 g all-butter shortbread biscuits 30 g unsalted butter, melted 2 tbsp white caster sugar Chocolate ganache 175 ml whipping cream 1 pinch salt 50 ml fresh custard 110 […]

Creme Brule

A French dessert that melts in your mouth the moment you have it…custard based dessert topped with caramel gives you a delightful lust when these flavours mix in your mouth at the same time. Ingredients Qty Milk 500ml Eggs 2 Caster Sugar 200gms Vanilla Essence 2-4 drops Water 100ml   Process Take a pan and […]

Tooty Fruity

Hello Foodies….hope all going good and today there is a very amazing and exciting food dishes that I am going to talk about and that is ‘Fruits’…that’s right people fruits are amazing and colourful as well proving us the nutrients and calories. Fruits are the natural consuming products that can be taken in many ways […]

The Arctic Roll

    The Arctic Roll A spongy roll filled with layers of different flavours of ice creams.   Ingredients Quantity Eggs 2 Caster Sugar 1 cup All-Purpose Flour 1 cup Butter for greasing Cocoa Powder 1 tsp. Vanilla Ice cream 2 scoops Chocolate Ice-Cream 2 scoops Strawberry jam 1 tbsp.   Process : Mix eggs […]