Hello foodies…It’s been a long time! Hope you are all well and hearty…and enjoying food in day to day life. Today…there is food but beverages as well. There is a concept of pubs/breweries in today’s F&B industry and into a real boom. The concept of Pub was invented in Britain where people from different locations/countryside […]

‘Dine with Wine’

Hello foodies…people are fond of dining into various places and various type of food. But people what about “Dine with Wine” which means people should have a wine accompanied with the meal. No matter it’s a lunch, supper or dinner people should have wine. Indian people are still developing but not many only a few […]

‘Liquid Love’

Hello foodies…when it comes to summers liquid diet is most important to gain the nutrition in the body. Summers are lovely to enjoy chilled drinks including cocktails as well as mocktails. Juices are good option as well and healthy too but not canned. Lemonade is the most common amongst all which is a refreshing drink […]