Launch of Bistro 37

A warm welcome was there from the owner Mr Kartik at the new branch of Bistro37. I was overwhelmed by the hospitality shown by Mr Kartik and the team.

The new branch is located at Noida Sector 104.

Starting from the ambience the décor is created to have a chill and light mood amongst your peers to enjoy the lip smacking new menu for the new outlet. The outlet created wooden finish of the tables and dining area along with wooden planks in the wall to gave the feel of really chilled out café which is really cool amongst the youth.

The menu is packed with various cuisines such as Asian, Italian and fusion recipes are also involved.

So, coming to the first dish which I tasted was Tom Yum Chicken which is actually Thai based hot & sour soup with chicken and it really tasted good. I really liked the balance of lemongrass and Kafir Lime. It was spicy but Thai cuisine is meant for spicy food.

The base of the soup gave the warmth, the flavour was actually gave the immense pleasure down the throat. The Best part! You can actually differentiate between the flavours on your palate.

The next dish which I tasted was wheat “Ginger Chicken” street style ‘dim sums’. The flavour of ginger and chicken goes really well with each other. The ‘dim sums’ were moist but I would actually suggest a change here to use potato starch to make the ‘dim sums’ more attractive and crystal ‘dim sums’ which will customers a new twist.

Although the taste was really good, balanced and going to pricing of the menu the price is really handy for these dishes and anyone can enjoy. The students can also enjoy and don’t need to bother about your pocket while coming here!

I would really recommend the Italian menu as the Penne Arrabiata served with garlic bread is way too good. You can drool over the sauce and the my favourite in the pasta is kalamata olives. The sauce was well made and the pasta was perfectly cooked. There are loads of Italian dishes in the café to drool over like pesto, mutton Bolognese, Risotto as well. (Arborio Rice based Italian dish)

The menu is really vast and can get you cravings with the exotic burgers to fusion recipes which you can try in the café. Also, they have amazing collection of the beverages to cut down the heat in the hot weather such as mocktails, cold coffees.

So foodies, go visit and try out their exquisite menu.

The food is Just waiting for you. Happy Hogging!

After all, its all about food.


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