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Veg Momos

These popular street dumplings are so versatile. You just need to master the technique and you can twist them to suit your palate. Easy and simple recipe. Serve hot with Chilli Garlic Chutney.

INGREDIENTS                                         QUANTITY


Cauliflower (grated)                                    1


Onions (fine chopped)                                2


Capsicum (fine chopped)                           2


Cottage Cheese (grated)                              100 gms


French beans (finely diced)                       10 (boiled)


Garlic (peeled)                                              10 cloves


Mined Ginger                                               1 Tsp


Soy Sauce                                                      1 tbsp


Vinegar                                                          1 tbsp


Salt                                                                 to taste


Pepper                                                           to taste


All Purpose Flour (Maida)                          300 gms


Dry Red Chillies                                             10


Tomatoes                                                         2


Water                                                           150 ml


Oil                                                                  4 tbsp

How to Make Vegetable Momos

Prepare the dough with refined flour (maida), water and a pinch of salt, the dough should be tight, once done leave it for 30 mins.


For the Filling: Take 1 tbsp oil, add 3-4 cloves fine chopped garlic and sauté. Add chopped onions and capsicum, boiled beans. Add grated ginger and toss everything well. Add vinegar, soy sauce, salt, crushed pepper. When the vegetables are translucent switch off the flame and take them in a bowl.


Add grated cauliflower, grated cottage cheese in the vegetables and mix well. Check the seasoning and keep aside.



 Take a small portion out of dough, and roll it with rolling pin to roll out a thin sheet. Dust with dry flour (maida) to avoid sticking.

Once the dough is flat, you can cut out roundels using a round cutter or you can manually make out the roundel. It should be around your palm’s size.

 Take the roundel, fill the veg filling we’ve prepared earlier. Make a crescent moon and seal the roundel. Then fold the extra edges and it should look like below picture.

Prepare a batch of Momos and get your steamer ready. Brush the momos with a drop of oil so that they doesn’t get dry.

Brush the steamer with a pinch of oil and put in your momos.


Steam for 10-12 minutes until the momos are translucent.




Take the dry red chillies and soak them into hot water for 10-15 minutes.


Drain the water and grind the chilies coarsely. Keep Aside.


Take the tomatoes and crush them in grinder.


Take a pan, take 1 tbsp spoon oil, add the remaining garlic cloves, fine chopped then add the chilies and mix well, once the chilies are tender, add your crushed tomatoes. Mix well.


Add salt, crushed black pepper as per taste and cook for 10 minutes on medium flame.


Check the spice level which you can adjust by adding tomatoes or tomato ketchup depends how much amount of spice you want.


Once the oil comes up, switch off the flame and take out the chutney to cool at room temperature.


Once the momos are done, SERVE HOT with your chili garlic chutney.


Calories 86.8 Kcal


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