Italian Cuisine

Tagliatelle Arrabbiata

Dive into this beautiful dish from Italian cuisine, spicy and tangy at the same time, the Tagliatelle pasta with flavours of garlic, tomatoes, onions. Mamma-Mia….

Tagliatelle Arrabbiata[ghozylab-instagram feed=416][ghozylab-instagram feed=416]

Ingredients Qty

Tagliatelle Pasta 150 gms

Tomatoes (diced) 2

Onion (fine chopped) 1

Garlic (fine chopped) 2 cloves

Parmesan cheese grated

Italian seasoning to taste

Tomato puree 1 tbsp

Olive Oil 3 tbsp

Salt to taste

Black pepper crushed

Red Chilli Flakes 1 tbsp

Process: (Note: Can add mushrooms, broccoli and chicken)

  1. Take a heavy bottom pan and water in it on high flame, put a bit of salt and 1 spoon olive oil in it.
  2. Once the water starts boiling put in the pasta and give it a stir so it doesn’t stick. Keep an eye, the pasta should be Al-dente (80% cooked) in 7-8 minutes. Strain the pasta and save some pasta stock.
  3. Take a pan and put 2 spoons of olive oil in it, on medium flame. Add garlic and sauté it. Add chilli flakes.
  4. Add onions and sauté, as onions turn golden add the tomatoes and cook for around 5 minutes.
  5. Add half cup pasta stock and tomato puree, stir well, put in the tagliatelle and mix well.
  6. Put salt, pepper and Italian seasoning and cook for another 5 minutes until there is a saucy texture on pasta.
  7. Garnish with parsley or parmesan cheese.


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