Hello foodies…It’s been a long time! Hope you are all well and hearty…and enjoying food in day to day life. Today…there is food but beverages as well. There is a concept of pubs/breweries in today’s F&B industry and into a real boom. The concept of Pub was invented in Britain where people from different locations/countryside used to come and have a beer…sharing the cricket and baseball talks alongside. This concept came as a success for socializing between different people. Foodies of Delhi have always liked the modern concept of food and so as these breweries are booming in Delhi/Gurgaon in today’s times.

Brewing is basically a long process of making beer and the concept of micro-breweries is to serve different kind of beers under one roof. And also the guests are able to see the brewing plant trough a see-through window in which beer is continuously brewed. Ale beer, wheat beer and dark beers are available in these breweries and also developing the new taste in the palate of Delhi’s foodies.

The best thing about micro-breweries is that any corporate, friends, family can go and enjoy. Most of the people now have an excuse with the name of micro-breweries to celebrate their weekends/ occasions. The following are the names of micro-breweries located in Gurgaon…ADDA is basically a typical Hindi word meaning a place to gather serving amazing wheat beer pitchers (see the pic) with amazing food accompanying the beer. They’ve got some amazing tit-bits like chicken tikka, kebabs, amazing salads and they’ve got great pizzas. Meat Craver is a must to try out for foodies who are non-vegetarian. And it’s a very good thin crust delicacy to accompany your beer mug.


There is a pub named Manhattan which serves freshly brewed beer will blow your mind with classic rock music just to let you go with the flow. Located in Gurgaon Manhattan have designed its way in an American way just like its name. There is another one named Downtown and just like its name the ambience is classy like retro pubs and also the area is very vast to accommodate more people, serving multi cuisines under one roof. The brewed beer served in this place is so fresh from the Tap…with refined taste of different grains. There is brewery named Open Tap just like the name sounds which is famous for Tap Beers freshly served providing the great ambience and food as well. It’s a nice and small place but serves one of the best beers among the breweries.

Moving on the upmarket level Soi 7 located in one of most popular places in Gurgaon and i.e. Cyber Hub. Inspired by the Thai name they are having amazing ambience with the see through brewing of the beer. Brewed beer is famous but secondly Soi 7 hosts Ladies’ night on every Thursday where cocktails are big hit for that day.

So foodies…there are so many breweries but try the above mentioned for a good experience to start with. Beers lovers…and big foodies…breweries are waiting…take a break and get brewwwed….!! Enjoy…


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