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“Leftovers are Makeovers”

Hello foodies…hope you all eating well and enjoying in the world of food again. There is a basic thing which happens in every home and is common too & that is “Leftover Food” and you can create a lot from that. That’s what the concept foodies… “Leftovers are Makeovers”. If you cook and then you have something extra then don’t throw it as it will be wastage of food. Store it for the next day and try to be innovative using the leftover food only.

A chef suggested that there was gravy of Butter Chicken which was left over, so next day the product came out was “Butter Chicken Risotto” and see guys you can create amazing dishes. Moving on let’s take several examples of leftover food which are general in all homes and see what you can cook from it. If “Roasted Chicken” or “Grilled Chicken” is left then you can create a salad out of it, dressing can be Asian or continental containing of various sauces and a classic homemade “Chicken Salad” will be ready. Or foodnawaab’s touch will be just, chop the chicken into mince, mix mayonnaise, garlic, olive oil, seasoning, and grated cheese and here’s your “Chicken Spread” is ready to go. Spread it on bread or make your delicious sub.

Let’s take that you have got last night’s Paalak paneer’s gravy, and then it can be created into a soup, with Indian flavours but healthy. Prepare some vegetable stock and mix roux, then add the left over gravy, check the consistency and then you can have a “Paalak Soup” with Indian flavours.

Another example is so common and that is rice, mostly people turn those into “Fried Rice” or “Rice Pudding” but what about making them into balls, with a crust of cornflakes and deep fry them, the coating of cornflakes will stick when you will coat it first with egg wash, and deep fry them, and your “Fried Rice Balls” will be ready and you can toss and stir fry further with vegetables. Let’s say you are left with some raw veggies and meat, you can create “Antipasti” or “Pizza Topping”. Another leftover can be onion tomato gravy, and then it can used to make another dish, and also you can use that gravy as the base of your topping which can be used in Salad, it will be a spicy with Indian Flavours. Bread is one of the best leftovers and can be used in many ways, breadcrumbs, cutlets, and breadcrumbs can be used to coat chicken or other veggies and deep fry them. Pakodas is another option, healthy option is slightly toast a bread and make into “Bread Salad” or “Canapés”. You can do many things which whatever is left over. So, remember foodies…. “Leftovers are Makeovers” and create something innovative. Enjoy.


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