Tooty Fruity

Hello Foodies….hope all going good and today there is a very amazing and exciting food dishes that I am going to talk about and that is ‘Fruits’…that’s right people fruits are amazing and colourful as well proving us the nutrients and calories.

Fruits are the natural consuming products that can be taken in many ways in your diet. That’s also with exciting and easy recipes that can be made easily at home and it is good for all age groups. There are various ways of consuming fruits like salads, juices, smoothies…besides that fruits are liked by all ages group members in a family.

So…start going tooty fruity people and people are following this trend while having fruits and skipping the meals which will make you fit and also you will be having calories as well just like the balanced diet. Talking about cucumber also known as Concombre in French language having minerals and its very good for summers as it helps in balancing the water level in the body also you can make Slush by adding crushed ice…little bit of cinnamon which enhances the flavour and people can have it during lunch or in supper.

Talking about various fruits such as Apple, Blueberries, Banana, Oranges have high percentage of carbohydrates i.e. 13.8g, 20.5g, 21.7g, and 21.5g but if you take a standard cup of each. Besides this… Dates….Yes!

Dates have very high volume of carbohydrates if you people consume 1 cup of it and that is 130.8 gms. So there are various other fruits as well like kiwi, watermelon which are good in maintaining water level in the body and purify the blood. They can be consumed in various ways such ‘Fruit Salad’ , ‘Sweet Fruit Cream‘ which is easy to make at home….all you need is Amul Cream and cut fruits in any shape along with Macaroni pasta it will be delicious and will act as a meal. Smoothies are another option to consume fruits and people want something new then they should opt for a ‘Fruit Pie’….Yes…its good and baked and Yummy !! These days people are trying new stuff so Fruit Pie is a good option and will be loved by kids! So Foodies….be fruity and Enjoy !



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