‘Sip It Up’

Hello Foodies…Hope you all having good time. Soup is a light meal course which is healthy as well as nutritious. Soup can be served cold as well as warm and they do not contain that much fat so people can prefer at any point of time.
One positive fact about the soup is that it increases the hunger in your body so the person can have proper as well as balanced diet. Today people are very conscious regarding the health point of view and it is good so to avoid health problems. In summers the heat is the reason for health issues and dehydration so people can have cold soups like Beetroot Soup (Soup de Betterave Rouge) which is served chilled and it is beneficial for controlling cholesterol and blood pressure. Beetroot soup also helps in skin glow but also it is recommended to pregnant women as it is rich in iron. There are lot many soups which can be easily made and cut down the heat during summers. Watermelon soup (Pasteque Soup) with cinnamon flavour is very nutritious and served cold too. Gazpacho is another Spanish soup served cold and very good for the heart patients. There are other soups which is liked by kids as well such as Strawberry Soup which is also served cold and sweet as well. Avocado (Soupe Avocat) is very rich in minerals and also Fennel Soup and also Pineapple Soup is also good. Vichyssoise is a French soup which is thick and can be of green vegetables such as Broccoli, Asparagus and Cream of Spinach (Crème d’Epinard) served cold as well as warm.
For old people which prefer warm soups then French Onion Soup and Crème d’Carrotte (Cream of Carrot) and also people can prefer Cream of Pumpkin as well which is very good for eyesight. So foodies go soupy and enjoy the soups. All you need to do is just ‘Sip It Up’ and stay fit and healthy. Enjoy.


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