Hello foodies…hope you eating well and loads. Today I’m going to talk about fusion of the cuisines which is booming in the food industry. Basically fusion can be done with any cuisine and also you can also take more than two cuisines. Get your hands on this fusion food and no doubt that your pallet will fall in love with this.

So what’s about Spanish, Mexican and Chinese cuisine fuse together? I know this is interesting you all people but, let’s get into more detail. Everyone is familiar with Taco & Tortillas and most of the people love them like anything. Now, the interesting part is how the Chinese Taco looks like. I know its sounding weird but believe me it’s amazing. Tacos filled with Chinese chicken, ‘Kung Pao’ specifically with loads of spring onion, peanuts and cashews. So that’s how different Tacos can be created with Hoisin Sauce, Sweet Chilly sauce with a stewed Chinese pork belly. Tacos are amazing with a crispy Fish fillet and veggies. For Indian Market the Tortillas can be fused with little Indian spices and also some chunky flakes. I have a thought for people of Mumbai and that is what about creating the Bhel Puri Tortillas, this will give an elevated flavour of Indo- Mexican fusion of food. We can use Tabasco sauce as well.

The Bhelpuri Tortillas

Let’s talk about Dips of different places and will talk about fusing with one or the other cuisine. So the first one coming up is Tzatziki, I don’t know how many are aware of this but informing you that it’s a Greek Dip comprises of Hung Yogurt, minced garlic, olive oil, grated cucumber and seasoning. It’s really simple and healthy too.

Now the fusion part comes up, there can be several of versions that can be made from this. Starting with Chinese fusion, so we can add chopped chives, spring onion, red chilli paste along with some vinegar. We can fuse this Tzatziki with Spanish cuisine by adding Barbeque sauce or Habanero but it would be really spicy, people who love spicy food can create this.

So the next coming up is Muhammara which is basically Middle East originated from Syria composed off roasted red bell pepper, garlic, olive oil, crushed walnuts and seasoning. So let’s fuse this Italian by adding oregano, Italian red wine and chilli flakes, believe me foodies you’ll get flavour of roasted bell pepper and chilli with blast of garlic. So guys keep fusing keep innovating and keep eating. Enjoy.



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