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Eat with Meat – Benefits of Having Different Meats

Hello foodies…hope all you going good and eating well in life. There are loads of non-vegetarian products as well as different meats that are loved by people around the world. So today I’m going to talk about meat. Yeah people….having meat benefits you in many ways. Although you can create loads of healthy and mouthwatering dishes from that.

Now coming back to meat products, chicken is the most loving meat all around the world. Chicken is the type of white meat / game bird and has very less fat compared to other different meats. Chicken has various benefits like proteins which came out to be26 grams and chicken has fat too but only 10.9 grams only if a thigh part is consumed. Best suggestion of consuming chicken is in salads which combine meat as well as other nutritious veggies and dressings. Basically I would suggest boiling the chicken thigh or breast and making it boneless….make a light dressing of lemon, coriander and spinach with slight cheese so it’s a combination of Proteins and Iron. Chicken Ceaser Salad, Chicken Russian Salad and Chicken Coleslaw is very healthy diet and appetizing.

For high cholesterol but still give it up on having meat products I would recommend Duck meat which is very low in cholesterol but delish. The meat is really soft and delightful with a texture of light pink colour. Best available in The Taipan, The Oberoi New Delhi.3 ounces of duck meat provides 16 grams of proteins which makes your body healthy and stay fit.

The pink meat also refers to PORK and that is the meat of the pig. It is really healthy when taken as Pork Ribs and should be braised. A portion (200 grams approx) provides you with 51.3g of proteins which is healthy and juicy as well. Pork is hardly eaten by Indians but across the world it is well appreciated meat product. By the way there are Salamis of both Pork and Chicken which comes in various flavours and nutritious as they are boiled and sliced. For fat gaining people I would recommend bacon strips slightly pan fried provides you good percentage of Fat.

Turkey (bird) is a very soft game meat when served with a portion that is 100g will provide 113g of calories including 19g of proteins. Smoked Turkey is one of the best way to have gratifying Turkey meat…

People…Lamb is a little hard and dark then the other meats discussed but very good in percentage of Sodium that is it provides 52mg of sodium but it should be Aussie Lamb and should be consumed as boneless & broiled. It serves 11% of iron as well which is very important for health and keep your body warm that’s why consumed mostly in cold countries and best paired with a good Red Wine as it helps in enhancing the taste of lamb.

Now the king of all meats which is very heavy, warm and juicy and that is the red meat BEEF….correct people, the beef (Boef) is the meat of Cow/Buffalo which is very delicious when taken as Steak (T-Bone) or it should be smoked. Ground beef provides you 289g of calories per portion. Smoked Australian Beef (Angus) is very delicious and crisp as the flavor is concerned. For beef lovers I would like to provide an information that once should try Kobe Beef which is from Japan and is named as King of Beef , the quality of beef is very rich and pure. Beef can be consumed in salads, steaks, burgers and stewed. It’s divine in all ways.

So foodies…have food…and ‘Eat with Meat’ for sure…Keep Eating.


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