“Make Your Ease with Cheese”

Hello foodies….it’s been a long time and hope you all having a good time. Today I’m going to talk about cheese and how effectively you can make marvelous food recipes from cheese. It’s a base ingredient from which creative recipes can come up. Cheese is basically obtained from pressed curds of milk. There are various cheeses like hard, semi-soft, soft white cheeses, washed- rind cheese, bleu cheeses, and fresh cheese.

Cheese are obtained from many countries like England, Canada, United States, Australia, France, Italy. Hard cheeses include Cheddar, Buffalo, from England and US generally used in burgers, fries, sandwiches and sauces. French and Italian cheeses are one of the best in the world. Hard cheese of France include Beaufort which is used as table cheese, snacks or in making fondue. Laruns, a cheese from France used for grating and due to its sharp flavour is used for cooking traditional French food. Coming towards Italian cheeses….Grano Podano comes under hard cheese used to garnish Risotto, talking about pastas Parmesan cheese is used in pastas. Mozzarella cheese is used in pizzas. Zamorano is an amazing cheese from Spain and goes very well with Bordeaux wines. Swiss cheese include Gouda which have a granular texture which is used for grilling and cooking.

Semi-soft cheese from Italy include Fontina which is used as table cheese and Fondue. People….the world of cheese has not finished yet. Bleu cheeses are expensive yet tasty…Olivet Bleu has a taste of mushrooms and salt and goes very well on the cheese board and can accompany a good vintage red wine. The word bleu means blue in French. There’s another one named Dolcelatte which means sweet milk and has a sweet taste and creamy texture…and this beautiful bleu cheese is from Italy.

Fresh cheeses include Feta…from Greece, Fromage Frais from France which is somewhat like cream cheese, Ricotta, Gorgonzolla, and Mascarporne are Italian fresh cheeses. You must have heard of a very famous dessert named Tiramisu…in which mascarporne is used. So, foodies…world of cheese is never ending…Create your own cheese board..all you need is variety of cheeses across the world along with some wine. Enjoy and Keep Eating.


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