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Tossy Saucy – See how sauces enhance the flavours.

Hello foodies….hope you all eating well. Today I’m going to talk about Sauce. Yeah…Sauce can be defined as the reduction of anything and purifying it and adding various flavours as well. Sauces are in hell lot of varieties available in the market but as always I suggest ‘Homemade’ is out of the comparison people. Process through the correct manner and you can make your own sauce at home with fresh ingredients people. Sometimes sauces act as a base in the dish but sometimes they act as an ‘Accompaniment’. Accompaniment is the side dish which is served with main dish, for eg : French fries are accompanied with ‘Tomato’ sauce so tomato sauce acts as an accompaniment for French fries. Basically there are 6 mother sauces namely Bechamel (White Sauce), Espagnole(Brown Sauce), Hollandiasse, Mayonnaise, Veloute and Tomato Sauce. From these mother sauces you can create different sauces which can be used as accompaniment/condiment/flavouring agent/dips.
Chinese cooking have a major role of sauces in it namely hot garlic sauce, chilli garlic sauce,black pepper sauce, hoisin sauce which add flavours to their dishes like Pan Fried noodles,Wontons, and they help in preparing Chinese curry dishes as well such as…sautéed vegetables in hot garlic sauce. So here, the sauce is acting as a base and flavouring agent as well.
Different cuisines have different sauces and different role to play as well. Talking about the ItalianCuisine, white sauce, pesto sauce are used for pastas. Tzatziki Sauce is used mainly in JapaneseCuisine as a dip. So sauces play different roles and people can use them the way they want. They enhance the flavour of the dish. The best thing is to toss the veggies or meat in any favourite sauce you want and you can have the pleasure of your own customized saucy dish. Cheese sauce andmustard sauce are very much liked by people.
Restaurants’ preparation of sauces are a bit different than home but still the homemade is pure, fresh, easy and delicious. So, what you waiting for people? Make your sauces and you can also create magnificent recipes. Keep Eating !


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