Salade – A Healthy Diet

Hello foodies ! Hope you all having great time. Food is always tempting and delicious but now a days people are more conscious regarding the health, calories and fitness. Salad is a very healthy meal consisting of vegetables, meats, different dressings and full of nutrition. Salads are good for all age groups and healthy diet which is must to have at least one time a day.
There are different dressings like Mayonnaise, Thousand Island, and Vinaigrette which are available at supermarkets but I recommend to be home made. Mustard weather it is a French mustard or English mustard gives a pinch taste in salad and adds a spark into it. Delhi has a busy life schedule and people have less time still I recommend to prepare salads at home. There are various outlets as well where good salads are available like Salad Chef in Vasant Vihar, has variety of salads along with various dressings which can be a healthy meal. Ceaser Feta Salad and Spanish Chicken Salad is must to try out in very good price. There is another outlet named STONE in Defence Colony but little expensive than Salad Chef but their Insalata Di Pollo Affumicato with thinly sliced chicken breast tossed in Balsamic dressing served on the bed of Lettuce leaf is a must to try. The people who are looking for a fine dining experience must visit The Pavilion, ITC Maurya serves very amazing salads along with homemade dressings and the Russian Salad is a must to try. The Pavilion has Salad Bar which offers variety of salads which variety of toppings. For vegans and for people who are looking for amazing salad then Veggie Delight of Subway is a very good option and is available in every other corner of Delhi. Their Grilled Chicken Salad is also good for chicken lovers. The Tuna Salad is also good and my favourite dressing of Subway is Sweet Onion. One amazing salad which I recommend and is easy to make at home is Salade de Bettterave (Beetroot Salad) made with finely sliced Beetroot tossed with lime, salt, pepper, and Vinaigrette dressing but there can be variations according to taste of people.Coleslaw’s salad is also easy by adding finely sliced cabbage and carrots along with salt AND pepper in Mayonnaise dressing. So foodies….be healthy and try out the salads. Keep eating and enjoy. Please leave your comments and feedback.


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