‘Dine with Wine’

Hello foodies…people are fond of dining into various places and various type of food. But people what about “Dine with Wine” which means people should have a wine accompanied with the meal. No matter it’s a lunch, supper or dinner people should have wine. Indian people are still developing but not many only a few people are fond of wine. The crowd of any age if its young or adult or old anyone can consume wine and it’s not the alcohol only but wines are very healthy and helpful for body if it is taken at right time and quantity along with right food.
So people should clear the misconception about wines and perhaps should start reading about wines. People who love chicken should have white wine as it will enhance the flavor of your dish as well as it will benefit you. White wines are rich in a type of an antioxidant named “tryosol” which is found in olive oil but not all white wines have this…only wines from Germany, Italy and France. For people who want to experience wine but don’t want to invest much so they can try Sula which is Indian brand available for both red and white wines. People should try Muscat, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc which are all white grapes.
If I talk about red wine it is pungent and goes very well with many food items such as chicken/mutton korma, roasted chicken, roast beef and many more. Red wine helps in many things like it is good for heart, it prevents tooth decay as it helps in making the enamel hard. Luca is another good brand at good cost to taste red and white wine but it’s an Indian brand. Red wine also helps to glow the skin and purifies the blood. For people who love fruity aroma and taste I will suggest Beaujolais which is French red wine which is fruity in nature and is loved by many people. Barolo is an Italian wine which has heavy texture and goes very well with red meats. In Gurgaon there is “The Wine Company” which have famous wine collection and people can have an experience by going there. Many outlets are there in Delhi and I would also suggest visiting “The Enoteca” in The Oberoi Hotel in which every Thursday wine tasting session is there where people can have wine tasting with proper guidance. So people start Dine with Wine…you will love it. Enjoy.


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