Desserts – ‘Sweet and Tempting’

Hello Foodies…Its been long time but I am back with some mouth watering food outlets. When it comes to Desserts every person feels mouth watering. Desserts are all time meals which a person can have at any time during the day. Desserts are always sweet as well as tempting and loved by many people. Desserts include Puddings, Cakes, Pies, Ice Creams and Biscuits.
Taking the big brand which is The Oberoi Delicatessen and Patisserie serving one of the exotic pastries and puddings in New Delhi. It serves variety of desserts, pies and puddings. There is unique homemade chocolate and cookies section which delivers best quality cookies and chocolates but you need to take handsome money from your pocket people. That’s right as The Oberoi Patisserie is serving the products roughly around 2000 bucks.
South Delhi have various shops/ cafes which also serve good desserts. Defence Bakery in Defence Colony is a very good choice for having desserts at a good price. Triple Chocolate Mousse and Caramel Pastry is a must to try as it is homemade and smells fresh to the customers. Caramel Pastry can blow your mouth with sweet blast of sugar. Blueberry Pastry and Mud pastry is also good and people can have it.
There are various shops in Khan Market too and we cannot leave the Delhi’s favourite which Connaught Place. La Opera in Khan Market serves Macrons which are flavoured, crispy and light in sweetness so very good. Apple Tart is a must to try in La Opera as it is a thin crust pie which is served by only limited cafes and in good price. Tiramisu should never be left when you are at La Opera.
Giani’s and Baskin Robbins are also good for college students as they can have good desserts with choice and no compromise with the cost. Dunkin’ Donuts and Big Chill in Saket also serves delicious pastries and homemade cookies. The people are developing taste for new flavours of pastries as well as tarts like raspberry, blueberry and now a cheese cakes are very much into demand and guess what they can be yours at Whipped which is Greater Kailash 2 with variety of cheese cakes and stuffed cheese cakes as well. The restaurant/café is fantabulous but little expensive but it is value for money so people can have the cheesy flavours on their palate. My Bar cannot be forgotten when it comes to desserts as these days this place is full of youth and couples so they can enjoy. The last option i will discuss which is Starbucks serving handmade cookies and homemade tarts and the desserts which can tempt the people and make them attracted. Eat people and lose yourself in the sweetness of desserts. Enjoy.


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