Chinese Cuisine

Taste of China in Delhi

Hello to all food lovers out there, hope you all having good time. It is always mouth watering when it comes to stir fry cooking. That’s right people Chinese cuisine is on the boom in Delhi these days and loved by many people. Let’s talk about Berco’s first which is famous and serves very good Mongolian Chicken which is a sweet and spicy , also they have good variety of soups but mostly people love ‘Manchow’ soup. The Hakka noodles are amazing there and rice specialities as well. The creamy garlic chicken is amazing. Berco’s also serve Thai cuisine as well in which different Thai curries are there and delivers good quality of prawns at good price.
When it comes to Chinese “Ginger Moon is never behind as well. A very good restaurant in Khan Market which delivers ‘Kung Pao’ chicken – a type of dish in which chicken is stir fried with peanuts and veggies. For vegetarians chilli garlic vegetables and ‘Ginger Moon Pokchoy and Chinese cabbage’ is amazing. The signature item of Ginger Moon is ‘Pan Fried Noodles’ . People should try ‘Garlic Butter Chilli Prawn’ and Chicken Teppanyaki – a Japanese way of grilling chicken and then stir fry it with different spices and variety of sauces. For duck lovers there is no better place than The Taipan – an upmarket fine dining rooftop restaurant in The Oberoi hotel,New Delhi serving Chinese and Cantonese cuisine. The people are in love with Dim sum lunch serving varieties of dim sums and choice of soup. Chilli garlic lobster and roast duck is a must to try with an amazing view of city . Duck pancakes are also served . So stir fry lovers should try the restaurants I have talked about. Enjoy and keep eating


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