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Food of Thailand – Thai Cuisine

Dear all readers , I am Suraj Saksena and I am a food fanatic, the food is a love and passion to me. I am cooking since i was in 8th grade and now i have joined hospitality industry so have seen and eaten number of dishes. Professionally i am chef which has started his career in food industry. There are lots of people who love food and also love to try different types of food. This blog is for all those food lovers . Currently I am in Bangkok, Thailand , so will talk about the food here , Thai cuisine is about the sea food specialities and spices. In most of the dishes Thai people use bird eye chilli which is one of the world’s spiciest chillies. The main ingredient which Thai people prefer is coconut milk which thickens the curry served with rice. There are 5 types of curries which is famous in Thailand. I have tried many dishes but the one I love is Thai green chicken curry with basil and rice.
Talking about food , the one thing which is good about food is that you can create and play show different skills as well and the most appealing is how the food is presented. I am from hospitality background and love to have different kinds of food. This is the first blog of mine guys Hope you will like it. Thailand is an amazing place to visit with very good and fresh sea food varieties. So I would recommend one of the best place for Sea food lovers….I will bring something good next time so that is for today. Enjoy , and keep eating.


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